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UFC finds its new star of millions of dollars - Yair Rodriguez

Yair Rodriguez

That's the name of the new UFC fighter. A Mexican fighter taekwondo black belt. He is author of spectacular coups and somersaults with precise backs kicks and spinning.

Every fighter coming from the taekwondo's been great performances in MMA. Who attended the now defunct WEC remember the last issue where the fighter Anthony Perez Showtime, black belt art, hit a sensational shot never seen before in the Octagon. He ran alongside the grid, got a boost by touching the right foot on the grid and hit your opponent with a spinning blow that went down in history.

Rodriguez was the champion of TUF Latin America. Currently beat Daniel Hooker featuring amazing plastic scams.

Fighters that level make great success in the UFC. They attract media for themselves and for the event. There are several interviews, news, comments on social networks and, linked to that, the higher the popularity, the greater the amount of sales in Pay Per View and further grow the capital invested by the sponsors and shareholders.

We are looking at a future heavyweight champion?

Article created by Maiquel Gomes.

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