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Million dollar contracts between Whatsapp and mobile companies

Phones, contracts and validity periods stipulated by mobile companies and programmers App.

Have you noticed that now, cell phones Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, CCE, Motorola Moto X among others, are no longer enough to run apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram? Mild or long giving "Locked".

Does an application, speaking of Whatsapp is the lightest at first was so simple can become so heavy as to lock the phone?

Many companies go hand in hand sharing information, research and million-dollar contracts with each other. Little by little questions like: Why Facebook bought the whatsapp? They begin to be answered.

Many applications are already part of our lives. We are addicted to social networks. News of Globo Network or CNN longer satisfy us more. We want to know the news of our friends, our working groups, travel, college who are in Whatsapp. We thirst for information.

So technological dependence and a question: how long will it last until our current cell begins to catch and be forced to buy another? Do you agree? Do not forget that you checked the "I accept the terms of contract." Probably there is a fragment that you did not read saying "This application may not be compatible with certain devices" ie older.

So goes our economy. Electronic device now has shelf life, even as they continue working. Currently the company is that we can still trust Apple, for some rarely App lock in their older devices.

Assumptions that Facebook bought Whatsapp and sets deadlines with handset makers becomes increasingly credible. See the old cell configuration and a new one. What changes in terms of processing speed, memory. Freezing would be justified in certain situations?

Thus walks humanity! Oops, I mean, electronic.

Article Createad by Maiquel Gomes.

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