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Ways to Fuel Future and Social Problems

Since the oil and its derivatives have been discovered and Technological and Industrial Revolution occurred, the life of societies have changed completely. People have appropriated these innovations and created new forms of work and mobility. Thus, it was also created new needs. The cars helped the movement and trade in general was extended to more distant places in a shorter period of time. Nowadays the means of transport are also used for basic needs such as access to health centers, hospitals, businesses and schools.

The oil is not a renewable material, so, in a not too distant future, must be used new forms of technology to replace everything where oil is used. Carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere through the burning of petroleum products, pollute the environment, can cause health problems and, as some scientists, destroying part of the ozone layer, essential in maintaining the Earth's temperature.

Once more fuels used as gasoline and alcohol are replaced, it will require a great amount of time to cease to be used, since millions of people depend on them to survive and maintain their activities. It will take a great effort by governments around the world for the implanting of new technologies instead of those used today in vehicles and machinery.

Today there is talk in the combustion made by hydrogen. In this process, the hydrogen molecules are separated oxygen, or may be used simply water as fuel.

To reduce the impacts of phasing out oil and its derivatives can have on societies, governments should encourage the deployment of new technologies in the current substitution, in addition to promoting awareness campaigns that theme. The future impact on the continuity of oil use can be catastrophic.

Our lungs and our health thanks.

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