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Tutorial: How to create whiter white photo (Phoscape and PhotoPaint)

Like leaving the whitest white photo possible and how to make the colors more vibrant

Quick tutorial for you working with professional photography and want to have an excellent result in their pictures.

  • To proceed you need to download two programs essences image editing:
  • Photoshop or Photopaint
  • Adobe PhotoScape
  • Starting our tutorial. Below is an example of a photo taken in studio with no editing:

Let's Go

1. Open the image in photoshop or photopaint and with the eyedropper tool (account drops of color), click any blank photo place.

2. With the tool Art Brush (Brush) start painting the whole area around the model. Increase the brush size if necessary. Paints in the areas indicated in arrow

3. The result will look something like this:

4. Now for the second program: PhotoScape. Open the program and on the top tab, click "Editor". Look for the image in Explorer in the upper left corner, or just drag the image to the the editing screen as below:

5. Click on "color brightness", "Brightness", "High":

6. Click "Film Effect", "Vévia High"

7. This will be the final result:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Leave comments!

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