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The reality uncommented and the big question: Why Facebook bought the Whatsapp?

For what reason Facebook would have interest in buying such a simple application?

  • Facebook could have just created a simple and similar application?
  • I could create an application like IM only with cell phone numbers?
  • Could force users to download a similar application by the time atualizassem Facebook on Android.

There were many options for Facebook p. More the big question came from spreadsheets. Economists and Administrators of Play Store probably saw the enormous potential and the overgrowth of Whatsapp and, somehow, these data came into the hands of Facebook executives.

There are some apps on Android that is not updated, simply cease to exist. This is a very important fact for the decision that the purchase of WhatsApp for Facebook.

- For what reason?

Let's analyze two questions:

The application update.
The ability to put new features in these applications
The figures report how many times the application has been downloaded and the user by use of time.

From these data we can draw some conclusions. An application with the passage of time can have new functionality. Thanks to the internet and progress in programming, Programmers need thorough and detailed data about the users of your applications, as the number of downloads and such usage time.

Downloads Below is a chart and a link between the two applications:

Whatsapp could become a "Facebook" for the application number of downloados was so great and the numbers just kept growing every day. Since only some updates could already be entered the basic functions of Facebook: the basic public posts to a network of friends.

Within this large potential competitor growing wildly and can attract the interest of big investors and cause many problems, the Facebook purchase the application for $ 16,000,000.00 (sixteen billion) and today is still the site and the most visited social network the planet.

How would the old Brazilian saying "They tore it in the bud". The fact that FB buy the application was of great advantage to users because the promise that there would be no advertising was maintained and each update, the program has become better and better.

Posted by: Maiquel Verbaccione

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