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The Advertising Informal - squeegee and Hawkers

The Advertising has always been present in societies. Before, we had the system of trade in goods, then came the currency. With the Industrial Revolution and the mass media came the need for more selling and empty stocks that time, sales were lower. Given this fact, the Advertising companies were created to increase sales of the companies. However, the Advertising Informal is still present today, especially where there are large movement of people, as in the urban centers, it is clear that there are many street vendors and car guards, better known as parking attendants.

Be in a bus, in a car or walking in an urban center, many people are faced with street vendors, selling small goods and affordable, as Solar Seed bars, water, pens, mints among other goods. They talk fast and convincing and offer products that people need to believe. Use is made of divcersos social and environmental factors to sell their goods, such as on rainy days, selling umbrella and on sunny days, sell iced water in traffic jams.

Even in towns have the watchmen cars, better known as parking attendants who volunteer to monitor the vehicle against possible theft or damage, however, without giving any guarantee that promises, however, charge a stipulated value. Generally people do not pay for the safety, but the fear in the case not afford and have in your vehicle damage.

Within this reality, some measures need to be taken. The Government should have teams specialties where the hawkers operate and parking attendants, informing them that there is the Micro Individual Entrepreneur program and through a small fee, the citizen has its guaranteed trabalistas rights and also aid in case of incapacitating illness . Another also imporante attitude is sending or municipal police guards at parking places where parking attendants work, so that citizens can park your car safely in such places.

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