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Social Advertising - A Information in the XXI century

Every day, there are several problems and solutions for our community. With the arrival of the means of personal communication: Facebook and Whatsapp. The information comes very quickly to a large number of people, not depending only on the mass media, as it was then. The information circulating at incredible speed. Thinking in this regard, it is worth thinking: how society can get advantage with social advertising?

A course, a job, a hole in a street, a promotion, an assault news, there are so many events that take place in everyday life of society. Use this as a means of improving the quality of life is an idea that everyone should adopt. When it occurs eg in whatsapp, a large share of the same fact, where government authorities need to solve the journalism companies in addition to disclose forward the responsible sectors demanding a solution.

That same year, several groups of people were protesting on the streets increased crossings, medical absences, rights and improvements in the quality of life of blacks in Brazil, among other objectives and generally were marked by some social network. The Federal Government realized and adopted various measures to ensure that the will of the people was carried out. Today we have for example, a "More doctors to Brazil" program.

Increased medical jobs in Brazil, places in higher education institutions and have also hired doctors from abroad.
You do your part, search, disclose information that could improve their community. Enjoy the means of personal communication and improve the quality of life for people around you.

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