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How to Create Share button on Whatsapp with image on Blog

Inserting a Share button on Whatsapp with Whatsapp icon?

Tutorial to insert the button to share with Whatsapp symbol on the Blog or on your website.

How many people have been looking for this code, I took an existing code and made some modifications to just have Whatsapp icon as share button, as it is much nicer to have Whatsapp symbol than just the link itself with the name .

Let's work! I will lead by example here Blog (Blogger) which is the most widely used:

1- Access the menu "template" / "Edit HTML"

2 Click inside the HTML window and press Control and hold press the F key will open a window "Search".

3- Look for: line-1

4- Copy paste the text below:

 <div class='g-plusones'>  <div class='g-plusone' data-size='medium' expr:data-href='data:post.url'/>
<a alt='Compartilhar no WhatsApp' data-action='share/whatsapp/share' expr:href='&quot;whatsapp://send?text=&quot; + data:post.title + &quot;-&quot; + data:post.url' title='Compartilhar no WhatsApp'><img src=''/> </a>

5. Click save and test.

Obs .: Remember that if you have a custom template, you may have to put this code next to each other sharing buttons. Look for key words in HTML as "Facebook", "Google +" and see the best place to enter the code. Save and do tests.

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