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Future Technology - Interconnection with everything and studies.

Interconnection - That's the key word of the Future!

Nowadays we can now access a bank account, access security cameras, see results of medical examinations and to open the gate of a garage through a SmartPhone. Many of the features of it are available on some TV's, watches, tablet's and other electronic objects.

What is the similarity of these facts?

- Interconnection.

Interconnection: The connection from anywhere to anywhere. In any part of the world for any inside or outside the Internet. It is not to say that the futuristic electric and electronic objects will have LED screen with touchscreen *. Fans, refrigerators, Gates, Taxi's, Cars, Beds. In a not too distant future you before opening the cabinet of your bathroom (which probably have an options screen) as: Open, close, internet, you can take one look at Facebook before you pick up a toothbrush.

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