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Former UFC heavyweight champion: Face to face MMA and Pedro Rizzo together for a day.

The Face to Face already has an established name in the country and is coming very close to its main competitor, the Jungle Fight, which is the largest MMA Latin American event and owned by Ismail Ismail and is now broadcast on Band and channels entire world.

Pedro Rizzo retires to fighting career in Face to Face.

Pedro Rizzo, one of the greatest MMA fighters in the world retired from fighting career today. Winning the Hawaiian fighter Andrew Smith, made an incredible fight with his trademark kicks the know.

Pedro Rizzo, 1996 MMA fighter 2015
The Face to Face 12 was full of amazing cards and for those who love MMA, national events always provide much more exciting fights. Fighters fight with guts and heart. It was no different in this event because it had great fights with great emotion and great rolling brawl.

The event was broadcast by two major pay TV channels, SporTV and Canal Combate, both of which are owned by Globo Network.

Today the event has gained a lot of credibility because:

  • There were two main transmission channels: Combat and SporTV
  • It held a rematch of a controversial bout between Nogueira and Bruno Camargo
  • We had the main event of the greatest fighters in world MMA history: Pedro Rizzo.
  • We had the spectators as two important people is the the President of the UFC in Brazil Giovani Decker and the Ambassador of UFC in Brazil and commentator of Rede Globo, Rodrigo Minotauro.

Purposeful or not, the strategies were very useful. Every event the Face to Face is gaining strength and is entering based on the scenario of the National MMA. It's worth waiting for upcoming broadcasts.

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