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Have you thought about how to decorate your office?

That such change at least once a year?

In this article you'll find some really cool ideas in office decor.

1- Decoration with two central tables in each end walls and small cabinets. Ideal for compact places

2-  Decoration with glass partition, for larger spaces and waiting space.

3- Decorating with wallpaper, games room, epic images of African peoples.

4- Decor with tables corners and U.ideal for those using paper and computer at the same time.

5- Decoration with large round table meetings. Ideas for larger spaces

6 -  Thematic Decoration with space for library. Also very interesting. It stimulates the pleasure the child spirit and constant learning desire.

7- Decoration with adhesive letters. Widely used by many agencies.

8- Decoration with a single solid color, in this case white.

9- Decoration with multiple colors and remembering the meaning of arts.

10 - Sculptural Decoration, very intessante and draws much attention from visitors and customers.

11 - Decorating with plants with large tables. Icentiva friendship to be in contact with you tell the employee to the side. And prevents employees accessing other content on the internet.

12 - I will enjoy and use of informality, and call this decoration: Millionaire Decoration. Dream of all work in a good light and oceanfront office.

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