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And so why create a brand?

What is a Brand?
The brand is what sets visually and briefly a company. May be formed by symbol (so), letters (logo) or both, thereby forming a mark.
A brand in general can mean many things. Can mean something to the owner of the company, may mean something to customers, something the company or whatever, and may not mean anything at all. Many believe that the brand is the heart of the company. It is what defines all ideal values ​​and operation of the company.

Agencies and their Mirabolantes Stories

A sometimes Advertising Agency creates a logo and behind it creates such a fantastic story that those who do not buy the idea.

The important thing is that your supplier and your customer identifies with the brand and its visual concept established, thereby strengthening their interpersonal relationships.

What works?
Overall, what works is not only just, but the set of factors within and outside the company, of course a beautiful brand impacts more. The Company, with a good distribution of products, combined with good ideas, usually formulated by a team of advertisers and marketers generate positive results and the success of a company.

Customer - Company - Agency
A brand should be attractive to the consumer. He has to look and identify the brand has even not yet know the company. And for customers who already know, should identify before reading the logo, for amidst many existing brands and today displayed visual pollution, it is hard to see certain brands and as is well known, the more the customer sees a brand but he trusts her.

The choice of a name:
The simpler, the more your customer, no matter the age can record and assimilate. Large companies have simple names, easy to record, such as: Hi Vivo, LG, HP, BMW, Band, Globo, etc.. The more difficult, the more difficult the assimilation of the brand.

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