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AltaVista - - A search engine that no longer exists.

Some remember in the years 1995 to 2002, search engine existed. Using computers still in numbers as 286, 386.486 of mízeros 100MHz processing, there were already some Google competitors as "AltaVista" and "cade", which were quite popular at the time .

Time passed and Google seems that with a lot of technology and organization, surpassed all the old seekers. Oferencendo options pictures, news, images, and size of a series of search filters, it has gained more and more space on the internet.

As might be expected, the big ideas are sold to large companies. AltaVista was sold to Overture, which consequently was sold to Yahoo (which in the near future will be sold to Google, Facebook or Microsoft) the giants of the world wide web.

With all these changes, who wins are the users. Research increasingly satisfactory and a hundred trilhares information to research and learn.

Let down a picture with was the browser at this time, in windows 95/98. On second thought, not much has changed!

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