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Advertising UFC - The World's Largest MMA event

The world to the southeast, southeast with Globo and Rede Globo for the world. Old events of MMA were never well seen by most people because they had a lot of blood, cuts, the fighters seemed more fight than fighting (technically), so it was not very attractive to see such scenes.

Fight between Anderson Silva and Victor Belfort. Coup that led to the knockout fighter Victor Belfort .

The most famous Brazilians in the fighting world, the Gracie brothers, created a derived art of judo called Jiu-jitso, or rather "BJJ" or "Brazilian Jiu-jitso" and created an event called "Ultimate Fight ChampionChip" where fighters various martial arts fighting each other, two at a time, and then find out what the best martial art practice. Victor Belfort was champion in its class with only 18 old.

The brothers Fetita along with Dana White, bought the Ultimate and reduced its name to the simple UFC. With the direction of the Americans the event began to gain the world, with new rules, new marketing strategies and communication, struggles have had a great glamor can so to speak and even more spectators come to cheer for certain fighters, as always before each fight was broadcast a documentary about the personal life of the athlete, the training and certain rivalry with his opponent.

In addition, the UFC has gained ground in video game games, Electronic Arts has created fantastic versions with updates that can be done over the Internet. You can insert new players, listen to the narration

Today in Brazil, the event has become very popular with Globo broadcasting the main events when Brazilian fighters and the Reality Show TUF where Brazilians compete to win a seat at the event.

More than Advertisements, Publicity and Marketing strategies such as the rivalry between fighters and the distribution of the brand in other sectors such as games, clothing and documentaries were essential to the strengthening of the brand among its target audience and that audience, not continues to grow day by day.

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