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Advertising, Technology and Environment - To what extent progress is needed?

The world is currently experiencing the era of technology. Advances were amazing. A person, anywhere in the world can connect in seconds to news, information, a subject whatsoever. You can talk to a person, search a photo, published an opinion. In a short period of time conveys to trade with electronic devices keep getting better, more and more functions: cameras with high resolutions, GPS, water resistance, amazing colors. The purchase increases the desire spectators. Amid such ease and technology, there is a question - To what extent this development is needed?

For the construction Tablets, Cell Phones and Computers, use is made of many metals that are extracted from nature. These metals are not renewable. Large areas are devastated generating many problems can occur desfertilização soil, extinction of biodiversity and deforestation in the region.

One such metal is aluminum. Today is not just used for electronic devices as well as doors, windows, bicycles and even cars. For aluminum extraction is taken out of the ground bauxite. Brazil is a territory which has lot of that material.

One of Bauxite components Mercury is extremely harmful to human health, animal and plant. Care must be redoubled in the aluminum preparation, as any carelessness can cause extensive damage to the world we live in.

One of the paths to follow to prevent the damage that the extraction of metals in general cause in nature is recycling. The Government should step up recycling campaigns, generate tax benefits for companies that make the collection of materials and the recycling process. The population must begin today to separate your trash, especially the metal, which is used for large-scale manufacturing of the different products.

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